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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What A Break....

The Christmas break started off really good and then Monday hit!!!!!!!!! lol
We had an appointment with the neurosurgeon who really irritated me if you can imagine that??? Then Brodie went off his rocker we ended up at Dr's Office to get meds changed and got an welcome surprise from sitting in the waiting room (STOMACH VIRUS)... Brodie and I then gave it to Chris then We were all better then poor Bro got a bad cold... My Grandmother, Jo, passed away! Sooooooo we are ready for a WONDERFUL WEEK OFF HOPEFULLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Santa was so good to us and we will update with pics soon!!

Hope all of you have had a great Christmas Holidays

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Mom23 said...

Just wanted you know that I ALWAYS keep up on your blog about Brodie.You have done amazing things with him and I always think about how far He has come and it encourages me to keep working hard with Benjamin!