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Saturday, December 18, 2010


I so need some motivation right now... Losing is easy-when you have your mind set right! Maintaining-just can't get that under control.
For those of you who don't know I joined weight watchers in 2008... I lost 82 pounds. I have been a weight watcher leader for a year and a half. YES... I have kept my weight off BUT I yoyo back and forth and can't seem to just keep it steady!!! SOoooooooooooo I am thinking it is exercise that needs to be added on a regular basis but that is my problem! I love to exercise when I do it and when I don't feel like I have a thousand things pressing on me to be completed! Soooo of course I am just venting because isn't this what a blog is far anyway and I really don't feel like many people read this anyway! HA

Just curious how do you fit in husband, kids, 1 job, 2 job, therapy for your child, church, and oh yeah all of your house responsibilities?????

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C... said...

Wow 82 lbs :) that's some serious discipline! I know what you mean about exercise. I keep doing the same thing losing the same 10 lbs and then I fall off the exercise wagon over and over.