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Saturday, October 09, 2010


So... This is the week that I allow myself to really absorb what happened seven years ago.... WOW! What a roller coaster (which I was warned about in NICU) some ups and some downs!!! Thanking GOD today for all his many blessings! I know without a shadow of doubt that I could not have done any of this without my family.

These are just a few picks from the last couple of months that I like to look at periodically to remind myself of when we were asked so many times early on "if we don't turn the vent off what kind of life are you or this child going to have?" Well I guess we have our share of issues and as some people call it "situations" but overall I think we do pretty well! I think our "QUALITY OF LIFE" is absolutely WONDERFUL!!!

Although this has not been his greatest week at school. He is doing so good. He was able to advance to the next story in reading and has done well with it despite us not being able to work that much at home with him this week. Is it just me or is October soooooo busy? We have had something every night this week. Which is probably the reason he has not had a great week at school. He does not do well if he is not in the bed by 6!

We (CHRIS) were able to get his BIRTHDAY PRESENT put together! He has been riding his new red 4 wheeler all day and loving it! I will have to post some pics in next couple of days. He has had a great Saturday playing outside. we have been riding the four wheeler, golf cart, been in the hot tub, jumped on emalee's trampoline, and went to eat at sake. He loves a Rocky II roll!!! (How weird is that?)

We hope all of you have a great week and I would like to wish Kristen a happy Birthday on Monday, Emalee a happy Birthday on Wednesday and Bro a Happy Birthday on Friday!!!

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