Miracles: Because they do happen...

Saturday, October 02, 2010


Brodie is about to be 7! So much has happened in this last year! He has definitely turned into a BIG BOY!!! He has lost 5 teeth (some we have and some we don't) He is still into noodles and powered driving toys! He graduated from the Children's Center (amazing school)!

He attended ARC's Summer Adventures Program this past summer and Abbie Rogers Civitan Camp!!!

He started BIG SCHOOL!!!!! He is at Thames Elementary in the Hattiesburg Public School District and he is in a classroom of 8 with a wonderful teacher. It has been an adjustment (to put it mildly) but we are getting used to things now! Mom is a teacher at this school with Bro so that helps SOMETIMES! We have now been dropped to once a week therapy. He is walking in his walker all over the school and it is a big school... He is keeping up with his peers pretty well... you know he only has 2 speeds 100 or 0! He is beginning to learn some sight words at school and we have homework of reading our sight words everynight!!!

We have all come so far but yet we ALL have so far to go! Thanking GOD for every blessing and asking for continued prayers from each of you!!!

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