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Thursday, September 03, 2009


Brodie is doing so good... we are really proud of him for getting a new year started off on a good foot! He is enjoying school and doing really well. He really has a personality... several things he has said lately!

I want to have a birthday party at school today!
Today is Monday! (Which he thinks everyday is Monday)
I can do it myself!
You are wel wel! (You are welcome)
I remember!
I want to go to Bible School! (This is at Bailey's Church)

Tonight he was saying his ABC's and he says XYZ AMEN! lays down and goes to sleep!

Some funny things he is doing at home!
He is going and getting whatever he wants out of the refrigerator and then going to get a spoon out of the drawer and either getting on the floor or the table and eating it all by himself!

He is doing his own thing. He says I will go out the back door and see what is going on and then he does the side door and the front door! He just goes about his own business and plays and is doing so well.

The most awesome thing he did today was walk from one side of the pool to the other twice all by himself! We were so excited!!!

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