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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Funny Things Brodie is Saying....

We are in the process of learning the Lord's Prayer! So he knows that last thing we say at night is Amen! Well the other night we were in bed discussing what he did at school and he tells me ABC's so we started doing the ABC'S and he was so tired so he says XYZ AMEN!!!!

When I ask him a question he say says " I Remember" but he has no clue what that actually means... so cute!

I have a habit of asking a question and when he answers I will say ? IT IS! For instance the other day I said which car would you like to go in today and he said BUG CAR IT IS! at first I was thinking now why would he say that but then I started thinking and realized I say that all the time!

OH MY GA! He is saying Oh My Gosh! We are trying to convert to OH MY STARS! He even has it down pat he will put his hand over his mouth and laugh!!!

He is always saying something or doing something to crack us up... but mainly he really shows us are habits....Things that we do that we do not even realize... so cool!!!

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