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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer 2011..

Interesting and Busy would pretty much sum up summer of 2011! We are on our last summer vacation of 2011... ARC summer adventures camp took up 5 weeks of traveling back and forth to Hattiesburg for Bro to enjoy a leisure fun filled camp for special needs children/adults as well as help tons of teenagers with community service to learn more about our needs kids. Awareness that are kids are "Different but NOT LESS" is all I can hope for! Brodie was kidnapped from the ARC as we (me and Chris) tried to find "RANSOM MONEY"... we were successful with everyones help to get Brodie released and make him a king at the parade/ceremony! We had a wonderful time and is a great program and so thankful we were able to find ARC.

Brodie has been doing a few respites with ARC and doing better each time he goes. His behavior seems to be doing better in the last 6 months so that is awesome in itself because it is not the most pleasant feeling to get the hell beat out of you! lol

We will be at the same school this year and hoping for a great year... Please be in prayer for Brodie as he starts this year! I have big dream of progression this year and I would really appreciate you prayer during this year. Specifically praying for reading skills to advance, understanding of containing his behavior and acting out with aggression, and his walking! Please join me daily in this walk!!!

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